h e i k e  .  w a d e w i t z   S u m m a r y   i n   E n g l i s h  
This is to briefly introduce myself and to invite you to see some examples of my work. I studied at the Dresden
Academy of Fine Arts, where I enjoyed guidance by Prof. Claus Weidensdorfer and attended Prof. Elke Hopfe's
master class. Based on a DAAD grant, I also profited much from a one-year stay as a visiting student at the
Stockholm Royal Academy of Art in Prof. Mari Rantanen's class.

Since 2001 I have been working as a teacher at the AIK Dresden, a private multi-level school.

In July 2016 I was staying at Uttersberg/Sweden within an Exchange programme between Grafikverkstan
at Uttersberg and Graphikwerkstatt Dresden. I would like to thank Lina Nordenström and Lars
Nyberg for a wonderful time spent working together.

As you will see, my preferred technique of artistic expression is drypoint. Now feel free to read about current
activities and exhibitions at the page "aktuell", to visit the three virtual "rooms" and see examples of my work
or to contact me.

Heike Wadewitz