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At the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts I enjoyed guidance by Claus Weidensdorfer and attended Elke Hopfe's master class. Based on a DAAD grant, I profited from a one-year stay as a visiting student at the Stockholm Royal Academy of Art. It was there that Mari Rantanen raised my interest in drypoint, my favorite technique ever since.

In parallel with art work, I have been working as an art teacher at the AIK/Semperschulen Dresden, a private multi-level school. A three-months working stay in 2013 at Zygote press, Cleveland/Ohio, widened my horizon considerably. In July 2016 I visited Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet, Uttersberg/Sweden. I would like to thank Lina Nordenström and Lars Nyberg for a wonderful time spent working together.

Enjoy reading about current activities and exhibitions at the page "aktuell" or visiting the three "rooms" of my virtual gallery.

Heike Wadewitz